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Lean IT Consulting

Lean consulting is gaining ground since the last decade in order to bring in greater organisational efficiencies and root out systemic inefficiencies. Nexithon has worked with a number of companies and bring in efficiencies and benefits to them through lean tools and methods.

Our Lean Consulting offerings include study of processes, assessment and subsequent improvement.

Lean is an improvement method which focuses on the reduction of Non value activities and waste in a business process(es). We are of the view that if a process hasn't been reviewed for non value activities, typically the process would constitute about 95% of non value adding activities. To be able to survive and be able to improve value, organisations will have to look closely at their business processes and work at elimination of non-value adding activities, waste & unreasonableness in the processes and variation.

If the organisation doesn’t look at non value activities and waste, it will soon wipe out the business itself. NVAs increase turnaround time in completion of things, reduces customer experience and all of which increases cost of doing business and results in lower profitability or may lead to loss of business altogether.

Lean Consulting can help businesses look at their processes closely and plan for their removal or reduction thereby impacting the top line and bottom line.

Why choose Lean Consulting?